Recolonization Progam


Correspondence from GHQ 12/28/2014

The Oklahoma Beta chapter at Oklahoma State University is one with a rich history and long standing with Phi Delta Theta. Recently, the foundation and mission of which the chapter stood for many decades was distorted. A re-colonization conducted by Phi Delta Theta’s Expansion Team would recreate a healthy and sustainable foundation. There are three areas that the Phi Delta Theta Expansion Team will focus on to be establish that foundation.

I. Recruitment of the exceptional undergraduate members.
II. Involvement of the right alumni volunteers
III. Re established relationship with the university.

Recruiting Exceptional Undergraduate Members
The expansion team focuses on recruiting leaders on the Oklahoma State University campus and every campus we conduct a project. The number one thing to keep in mind is that when Phi Delta Theta expands/re colonizes a campus, it focuses on providing a fraternity and leadership experience that is different and more positive than anything else offered in the community. The expansion team will personally reach out to and meet with potential new members and conduct interviews to ensure that there is a good fit for the individual and the organization. They will seek out leaders of various student leadership organizations, business fraternities, and rely on referrals from the university administration along with the faculty. The slogan of the Phi Delta Theta Expansion Program is “Are You A Leader?’ That is exactly who we are looking to market. Men who encompass the Three Cardinal Principles of the Fraternity and want to put in the work necessary to create a new and positive experience on campus. We have found that on every campus we go to, we are able to recruit those men. They are extremely motivated and hold the values of the organization in high regard. They will be a group of men that the alumni will be extremely impressed with.

Involvement of the Right Alumni Volunteers
This part is so simple, but so critical. Having the right role models who understand the policies and procedures of Phi Delta Theta and providing the proper guidance is essential to the success of any colony/chapter. Similar to how we recruit undergraduates, a very similar process takes place for CAB placements. Ultimately the team only makes recommendations to the local province president, whom does the actual approval and appointment. Providing our undergraduates with positive role models and those role models having the proper education and training to support the undergraduates is how we will be successful. Through our CAB certification program, we are able to make that happen.

Re-Establishing a Relationship with the University
Phi Delta Theta understands the importance of transparency and working with the university for the success of our groups. During the time of the expansion, the staff will be meeting with the university weekly to discuss goals and direction from the Oklahoma State University perspective. After the expansion team develops and fosters the relationship with set expectations, they will transfer that relationship to the colony and alumni leadership.
By relying on these three areas you can ensure a successful return and that there will be a high quality student in a positive environment with an understanding of the mission and experience we are looking to re-create.

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